A trained team of BIM experts whenever you need them.


The BIM Task Force can help architects produce models and documents as needed for any size project. Our BIM experts can also help produce assets for proposals, bids, and presentations.

The BIM Task Force is skilled in helping construction professionals complete their projects on time and produce any project deliverables.

From civil to structural, our team of experts can help your organization develop models, documents, and workflows to accomplish your project goals.

Who We Are

The BIM Task Force is composed of trained, certified professionals who are skilled in various softwares and industry standards.

Our team will help you determine the right skillset and expertise to fit your organization and project needs.

We also offer the flexibility of deploying the BIM Task Force either remotely or onsite at your office or your client’s project site. Wherever they’re located, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that the BIM Task Force is providing your organization with quality production work.

Production augmentation services at your fingertips.

Helping You Meet Your Project Deliverables and Deadlines

With the increasing adoption of BIM, you may find your team overburdened and short staff. This is where the BIM Task Force team can help.

The BIM Task Force is a team of BIM experts who are deployed to help you meet specific project deliverables and deadlines. Providing production services, the BIM Task Froce will report directly to you and are trained to meet your organization and project standards.

Flexible Options for Nearly Any Budget
Whatever your project needs are, our team of BIM experts can integrate seamlessly into your project team and provide you with an expanded workforce.

Our team can work with you to identify a BIM Task Force plan that accomplishes your goals and meets your budget. Whether you need a dedicated team for several months or one expert for a week, the BIM Task Force is available for nearly any organization size and budget.